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Our Oceans are polluted with plastic litter. It is estimated there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050.

Our Frisian waterways endure pollution as well.

We were surprised by how much trash was gathered when the SUP 11-City Tour started its first annual 220 kilometer long SUP clean up in 2018.

Friesland is our beautiful happy place where many water enthusiasts play, enjoy nature, relax, teach, train and experience the annual SUP 11-City Tour in SUPtember.

We love for our annual growing event with an Ohana from over 30 countries in the world to set example in a green and healthy way. Four our planet and for ourselves. We also love to inspire our athletes, volunteers, supporters, followers and International events HOW to Go Green and how to collaborate together joining the Green Wave in able to make global change happen.

In the following ‘Green pages’ you will learn about ‘the Green Wave’, the problem of plastic pollution, what the SUP 11-City Tour is doing to support environmental solutions and minimize the carbon foot print, what you personally can do towards a healthier Planet and how to join of the Green Wave.


The Green Wave


What is the Green Wave?

The Green Wave is a global movement and platform where Green initiatives come together in able to set example, educate and inspire.

The Green Wave is joined by many people who are already environmental aware and active. It is time for the SUP 11-City Tour to take an active seat as well.
The SUP11 Green Wave is an initiative from Anne-Marie Reichman-Totah: the founder, athlete, environmentalist and ‘Green Coordinator’ of the SUP 11-City Tour.
“There are so many great Green initiatives around the world happening that is very hopeful, but truth be told: our planet is suffering too much. This is impacting us, our health and our future generations. Change for the better needs to happen sooner than later. When we get on board with our Ohana as well; make local and national green initiatives transparent plus easy to join, the Green Wave can grow faster and bigger. It would be great to change the current course we’re sailing and create change towards consumer demands and with that; mass production that influences our daily pollution & carbon print.

After 11 years, we have an amazing SUP 11 OHANA with athletes, volunteers, sponsors, organization, businesses, supporters, celebrities, artists and followers from over 30 countries in this world!

Wouldn’t it be beyond our wildest dreams to work close together and see our Planet flourish again while creating a healthy path for our kids and their kids? It takes commitment, it takes discipline, it takes all of us and it takes a lot up clean ups. Let’s be part of the Miracle and give back to our beloved planet with all our playgrounds that keep us happy and healthy. I am in.

Will you join the Green Wave?”



Our Green Wave is in IN MOTION & Growing while we speak.



Anne-Marie Reichman-Totah: Located on Maui, Hawaii, USA

“I am so in love with nature! Whether I am in the water or on land. Nature is so healing in any so many ways. As an athlete, healer, mother, wife and founder of this event, it is time to unite stronger, give back and heal our planet, because she needs your help.”

Janneke Smits-Van Leeuwen: Located in Gouda, the Netherlands

“I am born and raised on the water. Water cleans, water connects, water gives life, water keeps us alive. It will always be important to my life, but also to yours and your kids, so we need to take care of it. Keep it clean, please.”

Joanne Hamilton-Vale: Located in Victoria, Australia
“ The environment gives us the most amazing playgrounds. It is time for us to give back. Do your bit”

Juliette Ball: Located in South Africa and Turkey

“We live today as if we do not need to care about tomorrow, our life has become disposable and our planet is suffering. We need to stop this today, educate, clean up, say no to plastic where we can – be the difference. Take care of our environment so that it can take care of us, and so that we can enjoy its natural beauty for years to come”. 


Plastic Tides: Located in Santa Cruz California & Brooklyn USA

“As paddlers, looking out for our playground is second nature, but it’s not so natural for everyone.  Being on the front lines, on the water, it’s our job to inspire the rest of the world to pitch in for a sustainable future. This is what the Green Wave is all about.”

SUPCleanUp: Located in Gouda and Friesland, the Netherlands

“United we stand, divided we fall.
By increasing the SUPclean-up movement, we reduce the contribution to the Plastic Soup”

SUP 11 Crew: Located in Leeuwarden, Netherlands & Europe.
“As the SUP 11 CREW, we set example for everyone at the event.

We are committed on land and on the water to help out with the daily clean ups and we like to Go Green where we can. We hope that everyone who comes to the SUP 11-City Tour, will go home Greenly motivated to educate their Ohana at home.”


Green Joy: Located in Leeuwarden & Haarlem, Netherlands.
“The best way to enjoy a City or Country is from the water. We love to provide a great service by renting our boats and it is a good feeling that there is no pollution while doing so”. 


Opening speech of the event: AM Ocean ambassador & founder SUP 11-City Tour

Motivation speaking: Christian Shaw of Plastic Tides.

Videos shared on facebook: Maui Huliau Foundation Maui
Schools in Friesland and in the Netherlands are being educated by SUPCleanUP
and these schools will help clean up the cities during the SUP 11-City Tour.


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