Free SUP clinic during the SUP11 City Tour

We promote the sport by giving Free SUP clinics. Our primary focus is the youth and schools in Friesland. Off course when you are in the area, take your opportunity to get an introduction to this great, healthy, fun, challenging, outdoors sport where you ‘work’ every muscle in your body.

For this edition we have a very special invite for you all! The professional athletes from around the world send you a small message:


Find here the planning per city:



Book a SUP clinic!

Get SUPer fit, happy and healthy by learning how to SUP and continuing doing this new balancing outdoors water sport.

For €20,- p.p. we can offer a group of your friends, colleagues a SUP lesson. We start the clinic with a minimum of 10 people. We can also offer you an extra ‘support’ boat with music, food and beverages for your friends who do not like to be on the water or you can relax in a fun tour while enjoying the good vibes after your hard work on the board.

Everything extra on top of the ‘standard clinic’ will add to the total price.

We are SUPer excited to teach you how to SUP and perhaps… we see you at the start of the SUP 11-City Tour some time!

For pricing, more information and bookings please email: