We are beyond excited to see close to 1000 paddlers on the water in Leeuwarden this Sunday. Thank you for joining us and helping us set the record!

If you are as excited as us please read ALL the practical information about Sunday!

Important information about starting locations – due to the number of paddlers we need to create logistical ease. Start groups will be split into 3 locations.

Location 1 -> Noordersingel, paddlers who bring their own boards

  • If you are bringing your own board you can drop it at the canal in Noordersingel Street.
  • Drop your board(s) and park your car, at the parking place Dirk Zeperweg. See map.
  • Free parking on Sunday.

Location 2 -> Stadsstrand/City Beach Leeuwarden, Sixmastraat 17, paddlers who hire a board and kids groups

  • Come to Stadsstrand/City Beach, register and you will get a board from the organization.

Location 3 -> Prinsentuin, athletes who paddled the whole stage from Dokkum to Leeuwarden

  • After you, (SUP11 City Tour athlete), have completed your stage and before the start of the record attempt, you will take your board out at the park/big finish area (directions on the day).
  • When the record attempt starts you can put your board in the water again.

  • At location 1 and 2 you will find a registration point. You can find it next to the SUP11 City Tour beach flag.
  • We have a point for new paddlers who have not entered yet (REMEMBER to call all your friends to come and join in on the fun).
  • If entering a group – send only 1 person to collect goodies! 
  • Everybody will receive a sticker with a unique number, which you must stick visibly on your board and a wristband with the same number.

Official record attempt information

  • For the record attempt we need to register you on camera.
  • We need to photograph and film the beginning and end of our tour through Leeuwarden.
  • To complete this it is very important for us that we are able to see the number you have on your board.
  • The stickers must be stuck to the front of your board – the number must look back at you when you are standing on your board.
  • See example below.
The Record route & idea

  • We have to paddle 1,8 km together for the record attempt.
  • It will be 1 long line of paddlers through the canals of Leeuwarden.
  • The finish will be next to the big boat ‘It Beaken’ in the Prinsentuin.

You’ll find the different routes per group below:

1. Location Noordersingel,-> people/groups with own boards
Route to waiting area (W) follow blue arrows, the whole group waits here for the official start.

2. Location Stadsstrand/City Beach Leeuwarden, Sixmastraat 17 -> rental boards, kids groups
Route to waiting area (W) follow the pink and blue arrows, the whole group waits here for the official start.

3. Location Prinsentuin -> athletes who paddled the last stage of the SUP 11 City Tour

Route to official start record attempt route, follow the black arrows.
Film and photograph moment to register everybody on image official route record attempt

After the record attempt you will get your board out of the water at the same place as where you started. It’s not possible to use one of the other locations because of the limited space at all the different locations. 

Group: Registration time: Time to go in the water:
Location 1 Paddlers with own boards 13.00 – 13.30 14.30 – 15.00
Location 2 Paddlers with rental boards 13.00 – 13.30 14.30 – 15.00
Location 3 SUP11 Athletes no registration needed 14.45 – 15.15

New participants
If you know people who want to help setting the record, they can come to location 1 and 2.
Location 1-> People with own boards
Location 2 -> People who need to rent a board

They have to pay €10,- (cash only) at the registration point. You will get a shirt (first come, first serve) and 2 drinking coins.

See you all Sunday!


SUP11 City Tour Team