Ranking + Awards

Each total time of the day (start – finish) will be added in a total time; hours-minutes-seconds. The paddler (solo m/f and team m/f), who paddles the SUP 11-City tour with the least amount of combined hours-minutes-seconds all 5 days, will be the winner.


Every day an award ceremony will take place to celebrate the winners of the competitive categories (solo and team m/f/mixed) per day. Day winners will receive an authentic Frisian prize. We will also pay attention towards creativity and good attitude during the days (“special prizes”). The amateurs will not be rewarded for their ranking.

The overall Elite-winners in division solo male/ solo female will receive price money. Other categories can win product prizes. For the team competition, we introduced the ‘SUP 11-City Tour Team trophy’! Each year the winning team (male/female/mixed) can take their trophy to exchange it to the new winner the following year.

Prize money
Men and women athletes will receive equal price money. The amount of prize money will be known prior to the event.